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Home Care & Hospice Month

Home Care & Hospice Month

It’s often said that home is where the heart is. Whether enjoying a quiet evening at home or gathering with a large group of family and friends, home is where we find comfort, peace, and love. In celebration of National Home Care and Hospice Month, there is no better time to say thank you to the home care and hospice professionals who work diligently to keep us exactly where we want to be: home.


Why Celebrate National Home Care and Hospice Month?

Marking November annually as National Home Care and Hospice Month was an effort to bring awareness to these healthcare professionals’ timeless efforts, while also informing the public of the importance and availability of these services.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1.45 million home care professionals serve patients across the United States. These services are provided by home health, home care, hospice, and palliative care practitioners that include clinical, psychosocial, and administrative professionals.


These professionals are from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, and they work together in sometimes difficult circumstances to provide compassionate care for patients in the place they call home. Each of these caregivers has a special reason they are drawn to home care, but many tend to underestimate the difference that they make in the lives of the patients and families they serve.


The Sacrifices Made by In-Home Health Professionals

While continuing to care for patients at home, home care professionals have been tasked with working within the new confines stemming from COVID-19. Many caregivers are seeing COVID-19 patients while also caring for their own families.


These same caregivers are bringing the world to patients that are isolated due to the pandemic. Other caregivers are helping break up the day for the family caregiver who may be caring for their mom while also providing educational support for their child who is attending school remotely.

All of this is done with professionalism, compassion, and an undying commitment to providing quality care while expecting nothing in return.