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Hydration Health

Hydration Health


News flash! There’s a substance, available right now, that improves mood and cognition, reduces the risk of high blood pressure and high blood glucose, and possibly helps reduce body weight and overeating. If you thought water was basic and boring, it’s time to look at it in a new light.


Humans have an inherent, critical need for water. It is the medium in which all of our metabolic reactions occur. It gives form to our cells, lubricates our joints and tissues, transports nutrients and waste, and dissipates excess body heat. Not only is regular fluid intake (particularly plain water) one of the easiest, cheapest health interventions ever; it may also be one of the keys to optimizing health and well-being over the long term .


Here are some ways water can boost your health, helping you feel better!

  • Water flushes out toxins
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Can offer pain relief
  • Boosts performance
  • Increases energy
  • Improves skin health
  • Improves brain power


Here are some ways to ensure that you are properly hydrated:

  • Drink at regular intervals
  • If in doubt, have a drink (water that is!)
  • Carry a health snack like berries or grapes. These are great for hydration too.


Scientists have found that structured water is amazing for overall health. If you don’t have a machine to make structured water, you can get it from plants. Plants contain high levels of structured water. Cucumbers for instance contain 96% water, tomatoes have 95% water, and spinach is 93% water.


If you can juice fruits and vegetables, in a slow masticating juicer, then you will be consuming nature’s finest water. Especially if it’s organic. Plus you’ll be drinking tons of nutrients. Another way to drink structured water is to buy a water purification system that produces structured water. Alkaline water is the next best water purification system as it is close to nature’s purest water.

So grab a big glass of water and get to drinking!! Cheers!