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July 4th Safety For All

July 4th Safety For All

Independence day is a wonderful time to spend with friends and family celebrating the founding of America.  As many of you gather this year, we encourage you to practice safe behaviors to keep you and your family safe, in particularly our elders.  Here are a few tips to remember this July 4th!

Shield the sun.  Excessive sun exposure is dangerous for everyone, but it poses an especially high risk for elder adults.  More than 10 minutes spent in the sunlight can be dangerous for seniors and puts them at a hirer risk for skin cancer.  It’s important to provide shade and wear plenty of sunscreen.

Offer a retreat from the heat.  Even when remaining in the shade, you are still at risk for heat stroke. It’s important to keep seniors cool and hydrated. Offer plenty of fluids during outdoor activities and watch for signs of heat stoke.  If possible, provide access to an air-conditioned area if needed.

Don’t push Seniors past their limits.  Many seniors don’t have the energy for day-long celebrations the way younger adults and teens do.  It’s important to take it easy and have quite time if they need to recuperate.  Make sure to have a portable chair or wheelchair available.

We hope that you have a wonderful July 4th—stay safe and stay healthy!