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Summer Safety Tips


Summer tends to bring a sense of excitement and desire to get outside and be active.  That’s great, but for seniors who have a higher sensitivity to heat, a little more caution needs to be taken.  Here are 7 summer safety tips for older adults.

1. Stay Hydrated—Aim for 6-8 cups of water per day. If you intend to spend more time in the sun then aim for even more.

2. Don’t stay out too long—You should your plans and activities reasonably short.  Don’t plan to spend an entire day out in the sun.  You will need to plan for breaks to recharge and cool off.

3. Check the forecast before you go out—Make sure you know to expect when planning a trip outside.  This will ensure you are dressed properly and can plan around the hottest parts of the day.

4. Keep sunscreen accessible and remember to use it—During the summer months, you should keep sunscreen with you are all times.  Remember to re-apply throughout the day as well.  A large brimmed hat can help keep the sun off your face too!

5. Check the side effects of your prescriptions—Some meds make people more sensitive to the sun.  Make sure you know your prescriptions and take extra precautions if needed.

6. Use your air conditioning or fans when possible—To avoid issues you’ll want to make sure your air conditioning is working or you have fans available in case of an emergency.

7. Know the early warning signs of heat-related illnesses—Watch for symptoms of dehydration, heatstroke, and heat exhaustion.  If you sense any of these don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You will also want to seek shade and water as soon as possible.