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How The Month Of July Got Its Name

How The Month Of July Got Its Name Have you ever wondered how July got its name? July is named after Julius Caesar, a Roman general, statesman, and historian who conquered Gaul (which is not part of Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands).  During his rule, he changed the structure of the Roman government into…

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July 4th Safety For All

July 4th Safety For All Independence day is a wonderful time to spend with friends and family celebrating the founding of America.  As many of you gather this year, we encourage you to practice safe behaviors to keep you and your family safe, in particularly our elders.  Here are a few tips to remember this…

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Stress Awareness Tips

STRESS AWARENESS MONTH Stress can take a toll on all of us. Whether you’re experiencing stress from life at home or at work, here are eight tips to manage stress. Take a 10-Minute Break: Sometimes walking away from the task or situation that’s bothering you for 10 minutes can make all the difference. Never be…

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Let’s Spring Clean Your Health!

Let’s Spring Clean Your Health! With milder temperatures, more sun, and wildlife sprouting everywhere, the arrival of spring in and of itself can put an extra kick in your step. It’s a time of possibility, a time to take stock of the habits that might be holding you back from being who you want to…

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Heart Health – American Heart Month

American Heart Month February is American Heart Month, and as a leading community-based Home Health Agency we are dedicated to improving the community’s health. Here are some tips to improve and maintain a healthy heart. Get Physical: Being physically active every day is fun and can improve the function of your heart. Plan and schedule…

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Winter Driving Safety for Seniors

Winter Driving Safety for Seniors Hazardous weather can make driving dangerous for drivers of all ages. In addition to weather-related risks, older drivers are also more likely to have health conditions that impair their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. In fact, Triple-A (AAA) confirms that fatal car accident rates increase among drivers who are…

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Seasonal Depression in Seniors

SEASONAL DEPRESSION IN SENIORS Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, can affect people of any age. From children to seniors, SAD leaves people feeling blue. It occurs most often in the winter months following the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Knowing how to spot the signs that you might need to intervene and get…

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Home Care & Hospice Month

Home Care & Hospice Month It’s often said that home is where the heart is. Whether enjoying a quiet evening at home or gathering with a large group of family and friends, home is where we find comfort, peace, and love. In celebration of National Home Care and Hospice Month, there is no better time…

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National Immunization Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month Most kids can’t wait until they don’t need any more shots for school. Did you breathe a sigh of relief when you came to the end of your childhood vaccines? We get it! We don’t like shots any more than you do, but like you, we grin and bear it because…

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Tick Time Bomb

Tick Time Bomb Now that Cicada season is coming to an end it’s time to shift the focus to TICKS!  The Weather Chanel has referred to this year, 2021 as the “tick time bomb” due to the mild winter and climate change. And data from the CDC shows tick bites are already trending higher than…

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